Balloon Over Coughton Court

© Gerard Tohill 2016

A low flying ballon over Coughton Court, Warwickshire.

Coughton Court has links with the Gunpowder Plot, in that the owners allowed arms and equipment to be stored there, and some of the plotters stayed at the house. At the time of the plot itself, the owners were – completely by coincidence of course – away on holiday, thus no link between them and the plot could be proven.

The house will almost certainly have been known to William Shakespeare, who himself lived only a few miles away in Stratford On Avon.

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Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 1/30 sec at f/10, ISO 400 (I wanted a relatively fast shutter speed to keep the sheep in focus), 2 stop hard graduated Nd filter to hold back the sky, tripod.