Ramshaw Rocks Sunrise

Ramshaw Rocks is directly east of The Roaches. The sun is just about to rise over the top and, if you take an image at the right time, you get some fantastic colours.… Continue reading

Abandoned Farmhouse

Every now and again, it all comes together to give you a fantastic image. I had started out very, very, early, in order to get to The Roaches before sunrise, and give myself… Continue reading

Hanbury Evening View

A fine view over the Worcestershire countryside, from the one of the benches on top of Hanbury Hill, a fine place to sit on an evening. Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 1/60… Continue reading

Double Rainbow

I’d forgotten about this one. It was one of those days where heavy showers were forecast around sunset, so I took a chance and headed out – hoping for some nice light with… Continue reading

Fishermen in Silhouette

It was well into the day when I took this image, however the fishermen were in shade, so I know that if I took my exposure from the sky, I would get them… Continue reading

Grwyne Fawr Dam II

Continuing in the black and white theme, I photographed the dam from lower down the slope. I was hoping to get a long exposure image of the water cascading down the front of… Continue reading

Grwyne Fawr Dam

The graceful curve of the Grwyne Fawr is interesting to photograph. I decided on black and white, with a long exposure to capture the dramatic sky. Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 6.3… Continue reading

Broadway Morning Light

After rain yesterday, and the promise of more rain tomorrow, it didn’t take much to persuade me to take this window of opportunity, and get out early for the dawn light at Broadway… Continue reading

Grwyne Fawr

The Grwyne Fawr, both above and below the Grwyne Fawr reservoir, is a series of cataracts, giving you ample opportunity to practice long exposure photography. Tip: if you are planning on doing a… Continue reading

Broken Reflections

The rather futuristic looking Grand Central, sited atop New Street Station in Birmingham, is covered in polished metal panels, giving all sorts of crazy reflections. I couldn’t resist taking a few images while… Continue reading