Upper Eskdale

Upper Eskdale on a less than perfect day. Taken from the shoulder of Harter Fell. You can see the road up to Hardknott Pass on the right.

Lytham Windmill at Night

Difficult to photograph at night, the Lytham Windmill is lit from below by four bright lights 18 seconds at F22

Lytham View at Night

A view from the Lytham Promenade, looking towards Southport. Two minutes exposure at F22

Setting Sun

The last rays of a late evening sun light up the Langdale Pikes. An evening climb up Nab Scar was made worthwhile by this photo of the late evening sun.

Rainy Day on a Hill – Part 3

You have to be mad to be out in weather like this. Catbells just about manages to peek out from under storm clouds. This photo was taken three days prior to ‘Walkers near… Continue reading

Walkers near Grisedale Pike

Two walkers descend from Grisedale Pike on the path to Hopegill Head (the sharp peak on the right). Grasmoor is the large mass top left.  


Walking past a farm at the weekend, I could not resist photographing these two fine specimens. A wide aperture leaves the background out of focus, 50mm f 3.8 1/4000  

Morning Mist

Early morning dew burning off as the sun rose, on a cold November morning in Worcestershire.

Crepuscular Rays

Crepuscular rays are rays of sunlight appearing to radiate from a single point. Taken near Ambleside on a dull October day.

Wild Ponies in the Black Mountains

Herds of wild ponies can be seen dotted all over the Black Mountains, near Abergavenny. This small group seemed quite content to allow me to take a few pictures.