Lytham Windmill at Night

Little did I know how difficult this would prove to be. Take one brightly-lit Windmill, painted white. Everywhere else – pretty much dark. My camera did not really cope with the range, and… Continue reading

Southport Night Shot

Southport, seen from Lytham at 11 in the evening. As far as the human eye was concerned, it was pitch black. From a photography perspective, it’s quite interesting taking night shots – you… Continue reading

Lytham at Night

At 11 in the evening, even though I set a 30 second exposure, I still had to add two stops in Aperture. Next time I’ll try 2 minutes and see what I get.

Goredale Scar

Taken on a cloudy day with poor light, the waterfall at Goredale Scar is still impressive. The fall starts through the hole in a rock wall at the top, then splits in two… Continue reading

Janet’s Foss

Work commitments prevented me from posting any updated this week. they did allow me to get to Malham, one of my favourite places. A 1.8 second exposure was enough to get a nice… Continue reading

Eastnor Park Obelisk

The obelisk was built after the son of the first Earl Somers of Eastnor was killed at the battle of Burgos in 1808. It is now unfortunately surrounded by an ugly wire fence.

The sun has set

Nine in the evening, the sun has just set, and a 20 second exposure is required to capture the colour in the sky. The line of light in the middle of the photo… Continue reading

Two Tarns

On the path from Sergeant Man down to Grasmere, you get a fine view of two tarns, Codale Tarn on the left and Easedale Tarn lower right.

Great Gable and Styhead Tarn

Great Gable basks in the late afternoon sunshine, with a whole host of Lakeland fells behind. How many can you name?

Lavender Farm

The contrast between the two colours makes for a nice photo. The green rows have been harvested, the purple will soon be. The harvesting is done by a contraption that I can only… Continue reading