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My First Photoshoot

Well – landscape is all well and good, but a new challenge was needed. I decided a few weeks ago to leap into the scary world of portrait photography, so I contacted a… Continue reading

Abbey Morning

Dawn at Bordesley Abbey, and a huge bank of cloud in the background was about to bring some rain and drive me to put away my camera gear. The English Longhorns were a… Continue reading

Bordesley Long Exposure

Early morning, and the promise of some decent light meant I was out before dawn. The fast moving clouds gave me the opportunity to practice some long exposure images. This wasn’t exactly the… Continue reading


An English Longhorn grazes in Bordesley Meadows, with the ruins of Bordesley Abbey in the background. I think I just missed the best of the morning light when I took this, but I… Continue reading

Bordesley Abbey Mono

A 10 stop neutral density filter allows you to do a little experimenting during the day. Bordesley Abbey is again open to the public, so I took the opportunity to head down and… Continue reading

English Longhorn Cattle

In the meadows of Bordesley Abbey there is a project whereby a herd of English Longhorn cattle are allowed to roam freely through the meadows, mingling with strollers and dog walkers (and the… Continue reading

400 Years of Wear and Tear

I have no idea where those steps would have led, but 4 centuries of use have taken their toll, wearing them down to a rounded smoothness. The upper part of Bordesley Abbey has… Continue reading

Bordesley Abbey in Black and White

The light and colours were very good when I took this image, but I thought a little mono was more appropriate. The grave is rumoured to be that of Guy de Beauchamp, 10th… Continue reading


With the sun setting and the light starting to fade, I had just enough time to capture the meadows around the ruins of Bordesley Abbey. A few minutes later and the sun had… Continue reading

Ancient Stone Steps

It is amazing to consider how these ancient stone steps have been worn smooth over the centuries by the countless footsteps of long dead monks, priors, bishops, and other members of the priory… Continue reading