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Going Up In The World

The southern face of Brean Down is accessible when the tide is out, and is popular with climbers. There were a few there on the day I walked past. There’s a good overhang,… Continue reading

Uphill View

The small, and partially roofless, church of St Nicholas at Uphill has a prominent position on a limestone hill, overlooking the Severn estuary. The marina sits just below the church, and Brean Down… Continue reading

Feral Goats

Brean Down is home to a herd of feral goats, quite possibly the scruffiest specimens I’ve seen in a long time. They seem content to hang around the ledges and cliffs of the… Continue reading

Brean Down

Brean down is a steep rocky outcrop of carboniferous limestone, just over a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide, the westward continuation of the Mendip Hills. In the background you… Continue reading