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Not quite the sunrise I was hoping for, but there was enough detail in the sky to balance the image out. I now carry around, in my rucksack, one of those little tabletop… Continue reading

Burnham Low Lighthouse

Burnham Low Lighthouse is much photographed, and justifiably so. It makes a great subject, siting just below the high tide mark, meaning that there is ample scope for different images. The tide goes… Continue reading

Pastel Skies

Taken about 30 minutes after the previous post, the skies had turned a lovely pastel shade after the sun had set. Known at ‘the lighthouse on legs’, the proper name of this structure… Continue reading

Burnham Beach Sunset

Taken a couple of years ago, this is another one of those images you find hiding away in your computer. To be fair – having moved from Aperture to Lightroom (one of my… Continue reading


At Burnham-on-Sea, the tide goes out a long, long way. In it’s wake, it leaves all types of beach deposits, thick, cloying (and dangerous), mud, flat sand, shallow pools, and, in some areas,… Continue reading

Lighthouse Reflections

The old lighthouse at Burnham-on-Sea is reflected in a tidal pool. When the tide goes out at Burnham, it goes out for miles, and you can wander along the beach all you want.… Continue reading

Lighthouse Reflection

Catch it at the right time, when there’s a little standing water, and you can get a nice reflection shot of the Burnham Low Lighthouse. I took this on the walk along the… Continue reading

Burnham Lower Lighthouse at Sunset

Not far off the same viewpoint as the previous post, and on the same day, but about 9 hours later. It wasn’t the most colourful of sunsets, but the earlier low cloud had… Continue reading

Burnham Low Lighthouse

Built in 1832, Burnham Low Lighthouse is a very distinctive sight on the beach at Burnham on Sea in Somerset. Still in use today, the locals will tell you it’s one of the… Continue reading