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Narrowboat Reflections

Reflections of the narrowboats on the Stratford and Birmingham canal, Stratford upon Avon, sunrise. For a higher quality version, please see my Flickr page. Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 12mm, 1/4 sec at… Continue reading

Guarding the Lock

I realise that the last thing the Internet needs is more cat pictures, but I’m posting this one anyway. Walking down the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, I took a breather and sat on… Continue reading

Lock 46

Lock 46 on the Tardebigge flight of locks, Worcester and Birmingham canal. The Tardebigge flight is the longest flight of locks in the U.K, raising the level of the canal 220 feet in… Continue reading

Bridge 54

This is Bridge 54 on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, taken from the huge embankment that holds back Tardebigge Reservoir. The bridges (and locks) are numbered northwards from Worcester to Birmingham. The lock… Continue reading

Tardebigge Wharf

On a fine sunny Sunday morning, the surface of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal is like a mirror, giving reflections all over the place. It’s early enough that the holidaymakers have not yet… Continue reading

Canal Locks

Locks 37, 38, 39, and 40 on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. A very grey day today, with low cloud and poor light. Black and White was the way to go, so I… Continue reading

Droitwich Canal

Another bridge that marks the course of a roman road – this time the road that heads north out of Worcester. The church on the hill at the northern end of Droitwich is… Continue reading

Bridge 35

Bridge 35 on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal marks the route of the roman road from Droitwich to Alcester. The narrowboats moored at Hanbury Wharf add a splash of colour (pun intended) to… Continue reading

Mother Duck

The mother of the duckling in the previous image was keeping a careful watch on her offspring, as it fed off the scraps of bread I left nearby. Whilst the water of Tardebigge… Continue reading


The reservoir at Tardebigge (pronounced tardy-big) is a feeder for the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. Sit near it for a while, and you will see water birds galore. This duckling and mother were… Continue reading