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Derwentwater Evening

This is the landing stage at Keswick, taken as a big storm had almost blown itself out. The day before had been very windy and wet. The day after I took this photo… Continue reading

Cat Bells

It is Cat Bells – but not from the usual angle. This taken from the descent down from Barrow to Braithwaite, and here you are seeing the ‘other’ side of Cat Bells –… Continue reading

Rainy Day on a Hill – Part 3

You have to be mad to be out in weather like this. Catbells just about manages to peek out from under storm clouds. This photo was taken three days prior to ‘Walkers near… Continue reading

Rainy Day on a Hill – Part One

Anyone who goes walking regularly in the Lake District will almost certainly have a collection of ‘Rainy Day on a Hill’ photographs. I am happy to walk in the rain, so I have… Continue reading