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Wispy Clouds

Whilst waiting for the sun to set so that I could get some of the silhouette images in the previous posts, I took a few images with the sun low in the sky,… Continue reading

Sunset over the Estuary

I was fortunate enough to turn up at the seafront at Lytham in time to see a fantastic sunset. I managed to shoot quit a few decent images, and it was hard to… Continue reading

Clouds over the Cotswolds

There were some big rainclouds over the Cotswold Hills when I took this picture. There is no post processing on this – I used a graduated neutral density filter to bring the clouds… Continue reading

Lenticular Cloud Formation

In one of those curious coincidences, I had watched a television programme on cloudspotting the previous evening. The very next day, I spotted these lenticular clouds forming over Helvellyn.