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Snowshill Lavender

  Taken at the Lavender farm near Snowshill, in July of last year. The one thing a photograph cannot give you is a sense of the wonderful smell all around you. For a higher… Continue reading

Spot the Photographer

There’s no prize for this competition, just the satisfaction in spotting a fellow photographer! Some decent dawn light at Broadway Tower, where I bumped into Alex who had the same idea as I… Continue reading

Broadway Tower Panorama

An unusual view of Broadway Tower, taking in the derelict stone shed that sits behind the drystone wall to the east of the tower. This set is comprised of five images, one of… Continue reading

Broadway Tower

Taken not from the usual angle, but from the field next to the tower, As usual, it’s before sunrise and there’s a cool blue to the pre-dawn sky. Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at… Continue reading

Cotswold Cyclists

At the weekend, the country lanes of the Cotswold Hills are the domain of the cyclists. I had an idea what I was looking for, so I found a location, then waited for… Continue reading

Tower and Tree

Looking up at Broadway Tower, from just off The Cotswold Way. I don’t normally do a great deal of cropping to my images, but I had to crop this one because of the… Continue reading

Dealing with Brightness and Shadows

Early in the morning, with the foregound in deep shadow, and the subject strongly side-lit by a newly risen sun, I was set something of a challenge. If I could use filters and… Continue reading

Another Tower Sunrise

Early morning in The Cotswold Hills, and Broadway Tower is one of my ‘go to’ spots when I have a chance of great light. I could not believe my luck with the cloud… Continue reading

One of the Flock

Early in the morning, preferably before sunrise, I like to get out and see if I can find a nice location and take a few photographs. I was driving through the Cotswold Hills,… Continue reading


The lavender farm at Snowshill is a popular place to visit. I think it’s a little early to catch the full purple bloom of the flowers, but the early morning summer sun brings… Continue reading