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Early Morning – Gloucester Docks

Very early in the morning at Gloucester Docks, and only the wildfowl were disturbing the stillness of the water. It’s a great place to roam around early in the morning – there’s so… Continue reading

It’s All Relative

Graffiti, in my view, is very rarely done well, but once in a while you come across something a little more interesting and artistic than the usual repetitive scribbles. This was seen under a… Continue reading

It’s All Relative

I’m not a fan of graffiti. However, very, very, occasionally, there’s one that will demonstrate more than a little skill and art. This is under a road bridge down canal from Gloucester Docks,… Continue reading

Earl of Pembroke

The Earl of Pembroke sitting in one of the dry docks for repairs (my image does not show the hole below the waterline). There was a masted schooner (I think) in the other… Continue reading

Gloucester Docks

Up *very* early to get to Gloucester Docks before dawn, which I managed to do despite a closed M5 motorway and a very circuitous diversion. This needle like structure is nicely lit up… Continue reading

Docks at Sunrise

The sun is beginning to peep over the top of the warehouses (although it’s still not yet got to six in the morning), and it give some great reflections in the water of… Continue reading

Dry Dock

This narrow boat is undergoing refurbishment. It looks like a toy as it sits in a dry dock that could easily take a vessel more then ten times it’s size. This was a… Continue reading

Ghost Ship?

I perhaps have a strange and possibly active imagination, but when I saw this boat undergoing refurbishment, the first thing that came to mind was when we would dress up in a white… Continue reading

Docks Reflections

Judging by the vessels, this must be the posh part of the docks. I’ll call it ‘cruiser alley’. The new apartment buildings make an effort to blend in with the old warehouses, but… Continue reading

Steam Crane

Pre-dawn, and this old steam crane is sitting in one corner of the docks. There are one or two other bits of the old ‘furniture’ around the place, all good to photograph.