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The orangery at Hanbury Hall, viewed from the footpath through the grounds. Buildings such as this are a handy way of working out where south is! I’ve been inside and the amount of… Continue reading

Hanbury Hall Frontage

This is the view of Hanbury Hall as you head up the drive from the visitor car park. I waited patiently to get this image, while the visitors wandered up the drive to… Continue reading

Hanbury Hall Mono

When it’s grey and dull, it challenges your photographic skills, meaning you need a good composition to have a decent image. There’s always something interesting at Hanbury Hall, and it’s only a few… Continue reading

Avenue of Trees

This avenue of trees heads directly from the gates at the front of Hanbury Hall, up the hill to Hanbury church (which is about half a mile from where this image was taken).… Continue reading

Hanbury Hall

On a grey day, Hanbury Hall still makes for a fine subject, interesting to photograph. When I photograph buildings, I treat them as I would any other landscape subject. and I try to… Continue reading

The Ladies of Hanbury Hall

These two lovely ladies in their period finery were kind enough to pose for me whilst I took a few images, even though it was cold and the wind was playing merry hell… Continue reading

Hanbury Hall

Not really a day for colour photography, but also, not really a subject for colour photography either. Framed by the open main gates, Hanbury Hall is a very nicely proportioned stately home. Not… Continue reading