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Hanbury Sunrise

There was the promise of some decent light and a colourful sunrise this morning, so I headed out to the hill topped by Hanbury Church, and I was rewarded. Top stuff. Photography stuff:… Continue reading

Light and Rain

Light and rain over the Worcestershire countryside, taken from the churchyard on Hanbury hill. I managed to avoid the rain, but places nearby got a right soaking, from what I saw. For a… Continue reading

Rain Clouds On Hanbury Hill

The great thing about being on top of a hill is that you can see the rain coming from a long distance. It gives you a chance to prepare, as well as a… Continue reading

Hanbury Autumn Morning

A fine autumn morning in Hanbury, image taken on the path heading up towards Hanbury Church. I took the decision to go HDR on this one, as the sun was very strong off… Continue reading

Hanbury Evening View

A fine view over the Worcestershire countryside, from the one of the benches on top of Hanbury Hill, a fine place to sit on an evening. Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 1/60… Continue reading

Walking in the Trees

This avenue of trees near Hanbury is a popular walk, and, at the weekends, you can see a steady stream of walkers heading through. This was a little tricky to get right as… Continue reading

Seat With A View

Sit on the top of the hill upon which Hanbury Church rests, and you will have a view that stretches for miles, all the way to the Cotswold Hills. It is quiet in… Continue reading

Hanbury Church

I headed up to Hanbury Church in the evening, not sure of what I’d get because of the full cloud cover. Patience is a virtue, however – as I sat on the hill… Continue reading

Hanbury Evening

Friday and the work week is done. Time to grab the camera bag and head out to take pictures. Woohoo!!! Hanbury was close, so I drove out there and wandered around, tripod in… Continue reading

Diagonal Landscape

No, I did not press the shutter as I was falling over. Honest! This was an experiment, done entirely on a whim, and I was curious how this image would come out. Does… Continue reading