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Lakeside Morning

Lakeside, very early on a Sunday morning, with abundant wildfowl keeping me company. The mother goose in the foreground on the right was particularly wary as her chicks were close by. I remembered… Continue reading

Stars By The Lake

With the promise of  a cloud free early morning, I set out before dawn to see if I could get some photographs of the stars and the lake. It’s not an ideal location… Continue reading

Reflections II

I’m still learning. More about myself than the craft of photography. For example, I’d gotten into the habit of setting out to take photographs in the golden hours after sunrise and before sunset… Continue reading


It’s an hour before sunrise and the alarm goes off. There’s that period, while you’re still drowsy, where you contemplate turning over and going back to sleep. But you don’t. You take a… Continue reading

Lakeside Long Exposure

A windy day with plenty of clouds scudding along was perfect to get out to the lake and practice some long exposure photography. Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 12mm, 10 stop ND filter,… Continue reading

Long Exposure

There’s a certain serendipity to taking long exposure photographs. You have to slow down and think about what you’re doing, working slowly and steadily, taking each step in in order so you can… Continue reading

Icy Lake

It was much colder a week ago, and the covering of ice on the lake was testament to that. I know that, normally, you are not supposed to put the horizon near the… Continue reading

Robin Re-edit

I didn’t know I could do this in Lightroom! I was browsing a few videos on Youtube last night and I came across one that was very informative and gave a number of… Continue reading

Ice Patterns

I had to photograph these interesting crystalline patterns in the ice this morning. Although the lake had a good covering of ice, and there was plenty of frost around, it didn’t seem that… Continue reading

In Flight

The low winter sun gives this image a warmth that belies the temperature – another cold and icy morning. I couldn’t miss this flight of geese taking off – they made such a… Continue reading