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Spring Lambs

It looks lovely when the sun is shining, and these guys were enjoying themselves.

Ewe and Lambs

Even though I was some way away, the ewe was keeping a watchful eye on that strange creature with a Nikon. The lambs themselves seemed relatively unconcerned. Either way – I’m counting this… Continue reading

Just Chillin’

These two were taking a snooze in the early spring sunshine. I’d like to have taken the photo from the other side, to get their faces in, but that would have meant disturbing… Continue reading

Over the Bridge

After a good run in the early April sun, the lambs then decided to cross the stream on the bridge that was made out of old railway sleepers. They seemed entirely unconcerned that… Continue reading


…although almost certainly the least terrifying stampede in the entire history of this planet. I have no idea what these lambs were doing – they just appeared over the brow of the hill.… Continue reading