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Old Red Boat

As I was wandering around the seafront at Lytham, this old red boat stood out as it caught the late afternoon sun.

Sunset over the Estuary

I was fortunate enough to turn up at the seafront at Lytham in time to see a fantastic sunset. I managed to shoot quit a few decent images, and it was hard to… Continue reading

Lytham Windmill at Night

Difficult to photograph at night, the Lytham Windmill is lit from below by four bright lights 18 seconds at F22

Lytham View at Night

A view from the Lytham Promenade, looking towards Southport. Two minutes exposure at F22

Lytham Windmill at Night

Little did I know how difficult this would prove to be. Take one brightly-lit Windmill, painted white. Everywhere else – pretty much dark. My camera did not really cope with the range, and… Continue reading

Lytham at Night

At 11 in the evening, even though I set a 30 second exposure, I still had to add two stops in Aperture. Next time I’ll try 2 minutes and see what I get.