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Oldberrow Church

Although rebuilt many times, there are parts of this church dating from the 12th and 13th centuries – this church would have been old in Shakespeare’s time. It’s best photographed when the wildflowers… Continue reading

Oldberrow Evening

I had spotted these rolls of hay as I was driving to work last week. Not many farmers leave their hay like this these days, as most tend to go for the black… Continue reading

Old Doorway

Blocked in now, but this doorway looks very old. The lintel is so worn you can no longer make out the design above the doorway. This building was ancient at the time Shakespeare… Continue reading

Oldberrow Sunrise

Early rises are definitely worth it – you get the best of the light. Oldberrow Church basks in the rising sun on a peaceful summers morning.

Wildflowers at Oldberrow Church

The grounds of Oldberrow Church is full of wild flowers – it does not look much like your traditional churchyard. You will find a number of gravestones dotted about, but this is not… Continue reading

Path to Oldberrow Church

With parts of the building dating from just after the Norman Conquest, Oldberrow Church has seen many changes over it’s lifetime. An early start to catch the morning sun lighting up the old… Continue reading

Oldberrow Church

There’s something about old buildings that, to me, make them ideal for black and white HDR images. Oldberrow Church is the oldest structure in my area that I can think of. Some of… Continue reading