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Priceless Vases

Cracks and all, these vases and urns were probably worth a small fortune. Petworth House is a great place to visit, and it gave the opportunity to practice my interior shots. I still… Continue reading

Blue Vase

In Petworth House, they make you take your rucksack off and leave it in a store. This is because the house is packed full of what I assume to be priceless porcelain, and… Continue reading


For landscape photographers in the UK, it’s worth looking at the work of the classic landscape painters like Turner and Constable to see how they interpreted the landscape. This is Cockermouth Castle by… Continue reading

Petworth House – Chapel

This view is taken from inside the chapel of Petworth House, looking out. The statue in the doorway is, I’m told, a copy of one in the Cistine Chapel. The only source of… Continue reading

Brass Ladles

Last of the kitchen photographs, I think, and the light catching on these brass ladles caught my eye. Not polished enough to catch a reflection of the photographer – fortunately for the viewer!

Brass and Copper Pots

Petworth House, built in the late 17th century, is well worth a visit for the fine arts enthusiast, boasting exquisite paintings by Constable and Turner, amongst others, and many fine carvings and other… Continue reading