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Purton Sunset

A repost, I know, but thank you to Morgan for reminding me that I had this lovely sunset image of one of the Purton Hulks, barges grounded in the last century to prevent… Continue reading

Purton Sunset

After a few black and white images, I thought I’d add a little colour today, with a nice sunset image of one of the Purton hulks, with the sun and the river Severn… Continue reading

Sunshine and Rain

As the setting sun was lighting up the Purton Hulks on the east bank of the Severn, the rain was hitting the west bank, giving a dramatic image. I fortunately managed to miss… Continue reading

Ships Graveyard

There are great opportunities at Purton, and sometimes you have to stand back rather than get in close. In this image you can see the stern of Harriett, with the barge stretching out… Continue reading

Harriett Detail II

Detail of the stern of Harriett, with some lovely evening light on the scene. You can just make out the first two letters of the word BRISTOL, still visible after many years wear… Continue reading

Dursley Detail

Here’s a detail shot from another of the hulks – this one is called Dursley. The stern of the barge is clearly recognisable, even after all this time out in the weather, although… Continue reading

Harriett Detail

I’ve been down to photograph the Purton Hulks a few times, but after being inspired by a video from a chap called Mike Browne about long lens landscape photography, I thought I’d take… Continue reading

Purton Wreck

If you get the chance, head down to Purton in Gloucestershire and take a look around the decaying barges, covered by mud and grass over the years, and now part of the riverbank… Continue reading

Another Purton Hulk

I spent the day wandering around Sharpness and Purton. The light promised much, but delivered little. That said, for those few brief moments when the light came good, it was an absolute belter,… Continue reading

After Dark

Well and truly into the blue hour, and the bulk of one of the ferro-concrete barges dominates the scene. This is another one where I would have experimented with light painting had I… Continue reading