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Bordesley Abby Mono

The darkening clouds were not just an indication of the setting sun, but also that rain was on the way. In the few minutes that I had before the rain set in, I… Continue reading


Just after sunset and an old piece of driftwood caught my eye. I’m always nervous about cameras and water – my tripod was in the lake for this shot, although I managed to… Continue reading

Sunset again

Sunset by the lake, and an ideal subject for an HDR image. The greenery in the centre of the photo is an island in the middle of the lake, a safe home to… Continue reading

Turning Blue

The sun has now set and there’s just the afterglow on the horizon. The cloud is rolling in and I’m just about to call it a day, as the sky turns a cool… Continue reading

Sunset at the Lake

I had missed a glorious sunset the previous evening so I was determined to get out on this evening. There are many more people around in the evenings – I think I prefer… Continue reading

Geese and Swans

Early morning at the lake and the geese and swans enjoy the lack of human interruption (myself excluded) and go about their business. The lake plays host to a huge number of widlfowl,… Continue reading

Lakeside Reflections

Along with the quality of the light so early in the morning, the surface of the lake gave some fantastic reflections of the clouds. I had to work fast to get some of… Continue reading

Landscape in Portrait

This is from the same viewpoint as the previous image, but I wanted to see what it looked like in portrait format. The peaceful nature of the scene belies the noise that was… Continue reading

Lakeside Morning

Well, a day off work and what do I do? Get up before dawn to take some sunrise photos. Apart from setting the ISO on my camera too high, I’d like to think… Continue reading