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Tranquil River

Just a few hundred yards below the falls of Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn, you’ll find calmer waters, as the river flows gently on to the next falls. It’s a much more peaceful scene… Continue reading

Twilight on the Severn

The contrail in the lover left corner looked a little like a wisp of smoke from a camp fire, as the sky turns from red to blue. The photograph does ample justice to… Continue reading

Sunset on the Severn

I just caught the setting sun as it hit the small gap between the low cloud and the horizon. Under these circumstances, you have to work fast as you know you only have… Continue reading

Severn Sunset Long Exposure

In the River Severn estuary, the tide comes in fast, and it’s very apparent to the naked eye. I thought I might be able to turn this to my advantage, and take a… Continue reading

Severn After Sunset

The sun had set below the horizon over half an hour before this image was taken and the light was fading fast. This is the River Severn near Purton, on a fine evening.… Continue reading

Severn Estuary

About 30 minutes after sunset and the light is starting to fade. Within 20 minutes of taking this HDR set, it was very dark and I was taking images where the shutter had… Continue reading

The Purton Hulks – V

The beached vessels were not all wood-built – in the mid 1960’s a number of ferro-concrete barges were also beached. You read that right – concrete boats!. The nicest thing you can sat… Continue reading