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Narrowboat Reflections

Reflections of the narrowboats on the Stratford and Birmingham canal, Stratford upon Avon, sunrise. For a higher quality version, please see my Flickr page. Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 12mm, 1/4 sec at… Continue reading

Puck, Benedick, and Romeo

Pleasure boats on the River Avon, Stratford upon Avon, right by the Royal Shakespeare theatre. Photography really doesn’t get any better than this – a great subject and fantastic light. For a higher… Continue reading

This is Why I Get Up Before Dawn…

If anyone ever asks me ‘Why do you get up at four in the morning?’ then this is the answer. You simply do not get this quality of light at any other time… Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Three quarters of the way down Henley Street, a stones throw from Stratford town centre, lies the house that was owned in the 1500’s by John Shakespeare, a glover of Stratford, and the… Continue reading

River Avon

Early in the morning, and the rowers are already out on the river Avon. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre dominates the riverside hereabouts, although it would not have been recogniseable to Shakespeare himself as… Continue reading

Tramway Bridge Long Exposure

A 120 second exposure gives a nice effect to the early morning sky, and turns the waters of the river Avon to an almost icy sheen. It also made all the swans disappear,… Continue reading

Stratford Basin

It’s almost empty in the winter, but in summer there will be plenty of colourful narrow boats moored here. It is right in the middle of Stratford, with easy access to the town.… Continue reading

Tramway Bridge

Completed in 1826, and now a pedestrian footbridge, the level footway of this bridge is a clue to it’s original use. This is the bridge, over the river Avon, of the Stratford and… Continue reading

Stratford Canal Basin

The Stratford-upon-Avon Canal was built between 1793 and 1816 to connect the River Avon (which is just off camera to the right) to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal at Kings Norton. Early on… Continue reading