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Worcester Cathedral

Taken almost exactly two years ago, this is Worcester Cathedral around Christmas 2013. I had seen a number of images that had been edited in order to make them a little more dramatic.… Continue reading

Worcester Cathedral

I took this a couple of years ago at Worcester Cathedral. There’s a small charge for photographers with tripods, but that’s fair enough as it’s a lovely building to photograph. You can spend… Continue reading

Reflections II

I’m still learning. More about myself than the craft of photography. For example, I’d gotten into the habit of setting out to take photographs in the golden hours after sunrise and before sunset… Continue reading

Fort Royal

On a nice day, the park at Fort Royal in Worcester is a great place to visit, where you have a commanding view of the city centre. The site of a Royalist fort… Continue reading

Frogeye Sprite

In Worcester today there were quite a few classic cars being shown in the city centre. This wonderful little car is an early 1950 model Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite, a car with more… Continue reading

The Glover’s Needle

The spire is all that remains of St Andrews Church in Worcester. Known locally as the Glover’s Needle, it is the slenderest spire in England, and is about 245 feet tall (75 metres). … Continue reading

Fine Carving

It takes a lot of work, and a huge amount of skill to produce something of this quality. Add in the deep red colour of the wood, and it was just demanding to… Continue reading


Less frequently photographed that the main body of Worcester Cathedral, I found the cloisters quite interesting as they were less obviously decorated, and probably closer to how they would have looked in medieval… Continue reading

A Closer View of the Cathedral

Worcester cathedral basks in the morning sunlight. Fort Royal really is a fantastic viewpoint. I’ll come back in the winter, when I’ll have time to get there before the sun rises, and the… Continue reading

Worcester Cathedral

Fort Royal overlooks the city of Worcester and is a great viewpoint from which to photograph the cathedral in the morning. Fort Royal has a commanding position, and was fortified by the forces… Continue reading