Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Bee at Work

Despite the lack of sunshine today, the bees were (thankfully) busy doing their thing. I was interested in this one though – it stood out by sporting a lot more yellow than is… Continue reading

Hanbury View

A low sun provided strong sidelight – in the distance a few lambs seem to be taking notice of my presence, other than that, the sheep are not that concerned. Hanbury Church is… Continue reading

Hanbury Tree

The old dead tree I photographed a few months ago is still there – it’s not been cut down yet. So I took the opportunity for a few silhouette shots after sunset. For… Continue reading

Hanbury Evening

The low sun in the sky accentuates the relief in the landscape. You can clearly see the path heading up the hill to Hanbury Church, almost hidden behind the trees, but you can… Continue reading

Bee on Buttercup

A wild flower meadow was too hard to resist. I decided to try to get an image with a bee on the flower to add interest. Turns out this is the hard part.… Continue reading

Hanbury Church at Sunset

All bar the top of the tower was in shade when I parked the car. I couldn’t resist firing off a couple of shots. I couldn’t help but notice the crescent moon motif… Continue reading

Severn After Sunset

The sun had set below the horizon over half an hour before this image was taken and the light was fading fast. This is the River Severn near Purton, on a fine evening.… Continue reading

Bee on Alium

I was photographing the aliums in my garden, when a bee turned up and made itself busy, adding a little interest to proceedings. Photography is a little challenging at the moment as frequent… Continue reading

Fort Royal

On a nice day, the park at Fort Royal in Worcester is a great place to visit, where you have a commanding view of the city centre. The site of a Royalist fort… Continue reading

Mono Broadway

Broadway in Worcestershire is one of those picture postcard villages, chock full of old buildings all made from the local limestone. However, if you want a traffic-free image of the High Street, you’ll… Continue reading