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Long Exposure At Llantwit Beach

A 20 second exposure at Llantwit Beach can end up giving you a really surreal image – almost as if you’re looking at another planet. I’ve decided that this image would be even… Continue reading

Cliffs from the Beach

  When the tide is out at Llantwit beach, you can walk out quite a way. I took the opportunity to take a photo looking back at the cliffs. Feet got a bit… Continue reading

Cliffs at Llantwit Beach

There was some lovely light at Llantwit beach the morning I was there. I knew, as soon as the sun rose above the horizon, that the sea cliffs would light up, giving a… Continue reading

Limestone Pavement

For all the world it looks like this was a cobbled pavement laid down by a gang of workers, but this is a limestone pavement on Llantwit beach. It was later in the… Continue reading

Sea Cliffs

I was fortunate enough to encounter some gorgeous light at Llantwit beach. When the tide was out, I took the opportunity to head out and take an image looking back at the cliffs,… Continue reading

Llantwit Beach Sunrise

Up at 0430, with a 2 hour drive to get to the beach at Llantwit Major before sunrise – was it worth it? You bet! The cool thing about taking photos before sunrise… Continue reading