Limestone Pavement

Grey, overcast days are just made for black and white photography, and the interbedded limestones and clays of Quantoxhead Beach make the cliffs look like layers in a cake. The limestone pavements are… Continue reading


At Burnham-on-Sea, the tide goes out a long, long way. In it’s wake, it leaves all types of beach deposits, thick, cloying (and dangerous), mud, flat sand, shallow pools, and, in some areas,… Continue reading

Crook Peak View

As you look west from Wavering Down, on the Mendip Hills, the path to Crook Peak is clear ahead of you, as it curves along the ridge to the peak. In the background… Continue reading

Posts on a Beach

This rather ragged line of posts heads directly out to sea on the beach at Berrow, near Brean in Somerset. You can stand on one of the posts – as I did to… Continue reading

Lighthouse Reflections

The old lighthouse at Burnham-on-Sea is reflected in a tidal pool. When the tide goes out at Burnham, it goes out for miles, and you can wander along the beach all you want.… Continue reading

Black Mountains

Heading down a valley in the Black Mountains, I saw this flying saucer shaped boulder just off the path – about the size of a small car. It was hard to get the… Continue reading

Light and Shadow at LLanthony Priory

An early start at Llanthony Priory is definitely worth it – there are a great number of photo opportunities, with the added bonus that you can then spend the rest of the day… Continue reading


I spotted this one as I emerged from the trees seen in the previous post. Shooting into the light gave a high contrast image which I thought was ideal for a black and… Continue reading

Meeting of the tracks

Using a wide angle lens, I could easily get both forest tracks in the photograph, at the point where they crossed at an angle. Just after I took this photo, a pair of… Continue reading

To the Horizon

The tracks left by the farmers tractor merge into the distance as they head towards the horizon. Worcestershire on a fine, sunny, spring day, out walking part of The Monarch’s Way, which at… Continue reading