Painting with Light

Before I head out to Purton, I thought I would get a little ‘painting with light’ practice locally. It’s easy to do. You’ll need camera, tripod, remote release, and a humungous torch. After… Continue reading


The farmers around my way are generally very good, in that they make sure public rights of way carry on through their crops. Most leave a prominent pathway through the field, leaving the… Continue reading

Another Diagonal Landscape

I did two edits of this as I couldn’t decide which one I liked. In the end I went with the panorama crop. One thing I’ve noticed – the clouds that seem to… Continue reading

Tree with Clouds

Back to landscapes – and there were some interesting cloud formations last weekend. The old dead tree near Hanbury dominates the foreground on a day where there was a lot of contrast in… Continue reading

Completely Abstract

Completely abstract today. I think this is the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons building in Manchester University, which gives a number of photo opportunities.

Head in a Window

Seen at Manchester University. No idea whose head it is.  

Feeding the Pigeons

I managed a few shots of this guy feeding the pigeons in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, just in front of the Manchester Eye, on a warm summer morning. Boy there were a lot of… Continue reading

Old and New

Manchester gives you many opportunities to photograph buildings that represent completely different levels of architectural and engineering thinking. These two buildings in the university are a case in point, over 100 years apart… Continue reading

Council Building

The Manchester Council building is, I believe, locally known as ‘Hogwarts’ because of it’s Gothic architecture. I wandered around Manchester to get a few early morning shots, before the morning rush hour. In… Continue reading

Husband Creche

Seen outside a pub in central Manchester. Very occasionally, somebody, somewhere, gets advertising right.