Old Doorway

Blocked in now, but this doorway looks very old. The lintel is so worn you can no longer make out the design above the doorway. This building was ancient at the time Shakespeare… Continue reading

Oldberrow Sunrise

Early rises are definitely worth it – you get the best of the light. Oldberrow Church basks in the rising sun on a peaceful summers morning.

Wildflowers at Oldberrow Church

The grounds of Oldberrow Church is full of wild flowers – it does not look much like your traditional churchyard. You will find a number of gravestones dotted about, but this is not… Continue reading

Path to Oldberrow Church

With parts of the building dating from just after the Norman Conquest, Oldberrow Church has seen many changes over it’s lifetime. An early start to catch the morning sun lighting up the old… Continue reading


On a day where there seemed to be a rainbow everywhere I looked, I never did find a pot o’ gold. Shame, as I’m saving up for one of those lovely Nikon 70-200… Continue reading

Rain on the Way

In approximately five minutes, myself, those sheep, and the cows loitering in the background, are all about to get an absolute drenching. The weather was moving quickly in from the West, but I… Continue reading

Tree with Rainbow

Less than five minutes prior to taking this image, I was sheltering from a heavy rain shower in full wet weather gear, with all my camera gear packed safely away. I was on… Continue reading

Wheat Field

A few weeks of sunshine have done the wheat no harm at all, and it’s now a lovely golden brown colour and ready for harvest. Some of the other wheat fields nearby have… Continue reading

Docks at Sunrise

The sun is beginning to peep over the top of the warehouses (although it’s still not yet got to six in the morning), and it give some great reflections in the water of… Continue reading

Dry Dock

This narrow boat is undergoing refurbishment. It looks like a toy as it sits in a dry dock that could easily take a vessel more then ten times it’s size. This was a… Continue reading