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Lens Flare

Shooting into the sun, and lens flare was unavoidable, but the colours were outstanding as the sun rose over the Cotswold Hills. Taken from near British Camp, the Shire Ditch and boundary stone… Continue reading

Boundary Stone

Walk the length of the Malvern Hills, and you’ll be following the line of the old Shire Ditch, running from the Iron age hill fort at Midsummer Hill, north through the huge Iron… Continue reading

Distant Malvern Hills

About 20 miles from where I’m taking the photograph, the familiar outline of the Malvern Hills dominates the horizon. The highest point is Worcestershire Beacon, at 425m (or 1,394 feet in old money),… Continue reading

Golden Fields

Whilst you are taught not to shoot into the sun, there are times when you can get some very nice effects. Standing on the Malvern Hills, with the sun having just risen, and… Continue reading

Photographers Tools

Standing on the ramparts of British Camp before dawn, I had an idea – take a silhouette of the tools a landscape photographer uses. As it was a spur of the moment decision,… Continue reading

Malvern Hill Morning

It’s nearly an hour before dawn, and, carrying my camera gear, I’ve trekked up to the iron age hill fort at British Camp, in the southern part of the Malvern Hills. It’s dark,… Continue reading

Stone Indicator

There are a few of these stone route indicators dotted around the Malvern Hills. If you keep to the tops then route finding is relatively straightforward, but there are many footpaths that take… Continue reading

Malvern Seat with a View

The green paint may be peeling away, and the rust may be showing through, but, on a fine day like the day this image was taken, this is a seat with a view.… Continue reading

Malvern Route Indicator

In the col between North Hill (seen top left in this image) and Worcestershire Beacon, there’s a stone route indicator. The number of pointers reflects the many paths that radiate out from that… Continue reading

Big Sky over the Malvern Hills

The sun was behind a cloud allowing me to take an HDR set looking south along the Malvern Hills. Taken from near Worcestershire Beacon (the highest point on the Malvern Hills), you can… Continue reading